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A Simple IT Hiring Process

The detailed information we collect on the front-end will ensure that we save you valuable time and ultimately, money. Doing excessive interviews with dead-end candidates for technical positions can hinder you being productive and meeting your goals.

Gen7 will truly change the way you perceive the hiring process. Our discovery call (which you can schedule above) is an easy step that ensures our IT recruiters provide you with a small group of candidates that will exceed your expectations.

The minutes you spend with us on a discovery call will save you hours upon hours of unnecessary interviews with dead-end candidates.

This will save days and days of screening and vetting candidates that are not qualified to be a part of your team. The discovery call will ensure we are speaking with more in-line candidates that we can qualify and move through the funnel. The end result is that we will be able to deliver a qualified group of candidates that you get excited about in a short amount of time.


If you’re a hiring manager, you might have questions about our recruitment services and how we can help your team.

About Gen7 Technologies

Gen7 Technologies is a US-based, privately held IT staffing agency with 20+ years of staffing and IT consulting knowledge.

We go to market with solutions that are continuously successful with customers seeking to save time with the traditional length of the hiring process.

Gen7 is known as a boutique IT recruiting firm due to the hands-on attention we place on every search and solution we provide. Our basic philosophy is to create impactful stories through quality hiring and career opportunities.

Our Golden Rules

  1. Accurately define the needs of the specific positions we are hiring for.
  2. Locate candidates through our vast network and by leveraging technology solutions.
  3. Gen7 saves our customers time through industry-leading vetting on the front-end.
  4. We must keep the hiring process moving to ensure candidate interest.
  5. We will always listen and identify ways to better serve our client partners.