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We offer every IT job candidate an easy pathway to their ideal opportunity

You will never be just a number or someone that we can file deep in an IT placement agency database.

We take the time to get to know you and your career dreams.

Our IT recruiters located in Dallas, TX, listen and work hand-in-hand with you to direct you towards your next opportunity.

We work with hiring managers in small to Fortune 500 companies looking to hire technical employees

Our IT recruiters have been the trusted technology staffing partner for some of the most well-known brands in the world over the past 20+ years.

"The Gen7 recruiters have the gift of connecting people. They understand the business needs behind talent requests and know how to source the right talent for the job. I’ve worked with them over the years and have always felt heard on what projects I’d like to work on. They have always connected me with wonderful clients and have been pivotal in my career growth; I couldn’t have a better recruiting advocate. Thanks, Gen7 team, for serving people the way you do!”
Sr. Program Director of Global Fortune 100 firm
You've had it happen before...

You get a call from an IT recruiter about a position perfect for your experience.

Our recruiting professionals take pride in changing the perception of the hiring process.

We have 20+ years of experience helping job seekers land jobs with small to Fortune 500 corporations like Nike, FedEx, USAA, and many others. We have customers across the U.S. in dozens of industries and verticals. Our team of IT job placement agents will get to know you and discuss your career goals. We know how hard it is to seek a new job when you are working a full week, have family obligations, and need downtime. Seeking a new job is itself a full-time job!

The Gen7 team has helped thousands of people find their ideal role and has an extensive network that can assist you in your search.

We have a strong belief that no human being should ever be discriminated against because of their ethnicity, age, gender, disability, religion, or sexual orientation. Gen7 is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Stop worrying about your career growth potential with your current employer.

Maybe you have a manager or a team leader that is not considering retirement anytime soon.

Many job seekers are tired of just being a number and undervalued in their current role. Our recruiters will work hand-in-hand with you to share current market trends and help you realize your value to employers currently hiring. Do you need a career coach sounding board? Contact us!

If you might be selling your career short, we offer peace of mind with a quick conversation.

We have access to hiring authorities in small to Fortune 500 companies that are looking for technical talent right now

Engaging a Gen7 Recruiter:

Step 1

Discovery call to discuss you background, resume, needs, and career desires

Step 2

Instead of throwing your resume all over the region, we carefully select job opportunities, evaluating to make sure their your ideal

Step 3

After our team confirms your interview, we will help you prepare for your interview

Step 4

You receive one or multiple offers! Your Gen7 professional will help guide you to make the right decision for your career and your family

You spend the majority of your life at work. Don’t you deserve to be happy and appreciated?

Technology Job Recruiters in Dallas
IT job recruiters in Dallas, TX

Just a few minutes spent with a Gen7 IT job placement professional can change your circumstances or even the trajectory of your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions we often hear about how Gen7 can help you in your career.

About Our IT Job Placement Company

Gen7 Technologies is a US-based, privately held IT staffing agency with 20+ years of staffing and IT consulting knowledge.

We go to market with solutions that are continuously successful with customers seeking to save time with the traditional length of the hiring process.

Gen7 is known as a boutique firm due to the hands-on attention we place on every search and solution we provide. Our basic philosophy is to create impactful stories through quality hiring and career opportunities.

Our Golden Rules

  1. Accurately define the needs of the specific positions we are hiring for.
  2. Locate candidates through our vast network and by leveraging technology solutions.
  3. Gen7 saves our customers time through industry-leading vetting on the front-end.
  4. We must keep the hiring process moving to ensure candidate interest.
  5. We will always listen and identify ways to better serve our client partners.